Step 1.. take a moment to sit down, lean back, close your eyes, and let the breath gradually come and go as it will.

Step 2.. as you begin to relax, slowly place the feeling aspect of your mind into your lower Dantian and leave it there.

Step 3.. if it moves, simply put it back, and don’t force it to do anything else.

Step 4.. stay like this for a few minutes and simply notice how it feels to breathe and keep the mind in the abdomen.

Step 5.. when you are ready, gradually open your eyes and massage your face with the palms of your hands a few times.

Step 6.. observe how you feel, and repeat this practice often in order to begin building a solid foundation of relaxation and awareness from which to work

Advanced Practice With your intention.. Feeling.. and Focus.. move the dan energy you’ve collected to different areas of the body as needed for energization and healing..

By Klara

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