Kundalini is the ancient, accepted term for the biological and spiritual potential of the human body – a tiny replica of the huge potentials that exist in nature (think lightening) and the cosmos (think “Big Bang”). In 99.99% of people, kundalini goes unharnessed, lying dormant deep within their nervous and endocrine systems. In the unawakened human being, these systems are poorly connected, “rusty,” poorly synchronized, and unable to carry much more “signal” than keeps that person alive. Kundalini awakening occurs when the various parts of the brain, spine, and nerve ganglia, along with the different endocrine glands, begin to rejuvenate, better link, and synchronize. The gonads, adrenals, and digestive glands (connected to the experience of lower emotions) connect to the master glands at the heart, throat, and brain. These systems rapidly rejuvenate, function more efficiently, and begin to carry larger quantities of bio-electric neurotransmitter and endocrine traffic through the body. It’s a little like comparing a 56k Modem to a Broadband T1 line. EEG and EKG scans show that “awakened” individuals have more efficient mental and biological processes. Kundalini is what causes the great visible physical illumination, charisma, and healing abilities of saints and prophets. Every art lover has seen countless representations of the “illumination of the sages” – the halo and golden sheen around saints and holy figures of all traditions. Kundalini has been symbolized by the caduceus (medical staff entwined with snakes), Moses’s burning bush, the Oroboros (the world-encompassing serpent swallowing it own tail, Excalibur (King Arthur’s sword), the Apostolic flame, the Descent of the Dove, the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, and more. Kundalini is responsible for the powerful intuition, and mental and nervous-system domination of legendary martial arts masters like “Book of Five Rings” author Miyamoto Musashi and Aikido’s founder Morihei Ueshiba. The presence of kundalini, which is also the “enlightened body” of esoteric buddhism, grants many of the siddhis, or miraculous powers like heightened intuition, expanded charisma, personality, willpower, and genius. Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Einstein were all“awake” More importantly for the genuine seekers, the increased vital energy (prana or qi) in the body of the awakened individual makes the last step through the door to absolute awareness (the fully enlightened mind) that much easier when in one-pointed meditation..


By Dr. Glenn J.Morris’s

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